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Ghost Hunters 8 is a group from Kansas City Mossouri that works very closley with Parahaunt.   Lead by Suzy and Tonya,  ParaHaunt is proud to have Ghosthunters 8 as a part of the family.   If you have a haunting that is within 100 miles of Kansas CIty Mossouri, this is the group to contact.  They are a proud member of the ParaHaunt Paranormal Family Network.


Ghost Haunters is dedicated to pursuing evidence of the paranormal.  They are based in Hazelwood, Missouri, but investigate both Illinois and Missouri.  They are very skeptical in their findings and do not take things for granted.  There are only 3 investigators in this group... something they find conducive to excellent investigations - there is an unique harmony between them as each brings their own special brand of investigational thinking to the group.   They are also proud members of the ParaHaunt Paranormal Family Network.