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 Paranormal Wind Ghost Hunters Society or PWGHS for short, is a group based out of southern West Virginia. Our group was formed in the year of 2001 and we have been researching and investigating the paranormal ever since.  We are a non profit group, meaning that we do NOT charge or get paid in anyway for our services that we provide.  We are a team made up of  6 full time investigators and 3 part time investigators.  We do take what we do very seriously and try to conduct our investigations in the most professional, scientific ways possible.  We only investigate places within the state of WV, but hope that in the future we will be able to expand our boundries to the bordering states of WV.  They are proud members of the ParaHaunt Paranormal Family Network.


North America Ghost Hunters  concern themselves with  Paranormal or Supernatural activities.   They thrive to give their clients the best and foremost professional standards as paranormal investigators.   They are a non-profit organization so there is "no fee" for their services.   They are proud members of the ParaHaunt Paranormal Family Network.