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Sterling Heights Specter Turned Demonic

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Sterling Heights Specter Turned Demonic

Date:  Thursday April 27th, 2006
Time:  7:30 PM EST
Location: Private residence in Sterling Heights, Michigan
Investigators: Scott, Jeff, Pam, Sean and Chris
Subject Family Members:  Mother and daughter
The Background:
     Although the City of Sterling Heights was incorporated in 1968, generations of residents have inhabited the area for many years.  Sterling Township, located about 18 miles northeast of Detroit in the county of Macomb, was first settled after the Erie Canal was opened. The rich soil, relatively flat land, and the vital Clinton River attracted pioneer and immigrant families who arrived to establish farmsteads. The first influx of immigrants came mainly from the British Isles, and by the 1870s, German families had flocked to the area, raising dairy cattle and establishing farms. Belgians, arriving in the early 1900s, developed truck farming - growing fruits and vegetables to sell every week at the farmers’ market in Detroit.  Sterling Heights is the third largest in area and the fourth largest in population in the state of Michigan. Sterling Heights has a population in excess of 127,000 people living within 36.8 square miles. It is the fastest growing city of over 100,000 populations in Michigan -- increasing by 1.4% according to the United States Census Department.

 The subject house was built in 1979 in the Cranberry Subdivision.  It is a one floor single family dwelling built in the style of Mexican Spanish Ranch.  The family’s nationality is Mexican and Italian with their religious beliefs in the Catholic faith.  A year before the investigation, the daughter, who is 25 years of age, began taking classes to become a full member of the Catholic faith.  It was here that she met Jeff, Lead Investigator for ParaHaunt, and his wife Chris Babbitt who were also taking the class.  They all became friends throughout the course of the year.  Jeff mentioned his involvement with ParaHaunt Paranormal Researchers.   She told him that she thought her house was very haunted by the spirit of her angry dead grandfather who had passed away November 29th, 1993.  She was spending 100’s of dollars going to a psychic medium for help.  Upon hearing this, Jeff immediately took her outside to call Scott, Founder of ParaHaunt.  They talked for about ˝ hour but decided to meet over Jeff’s house to discuss it further.  We were told of a long history of abuse, both mental and sexual in nature, between the grandfather and the mother, who is now 56 years of age.  She would also wake up around 3 AM every morning for the past 15 years.  There were noises in the house and smells as well.  Certain behavior was documented by members of the family what was unexplainable, but we didn’t think it was important at the time.  We would soon find out it was extremely relevant.  In spite of all of this, the family tolerated the happenings within the house until one summer night in 1994 when the father was pushed by an unseen force.  He felt a thrust on his back which sent him careening towards the kitchen table and landing on top of it.  The mother, daughter and daughter’s friend witnessed this event. 

      Upon some discussion by ParaHaunt members, we figured it was indeed the angry spirit of the grandfather sticking around to torment the family members as he had done while he was alive.  We picked a date to perform the investigation and decided to proceed.  Scott and Jeff had wanted to include Pam and Sean on a Demonic haunting for some time.  From our initial interview, this didn’t seem to be Demonic in nature, so it was decided that this would be a great learning experience for them.  As we sat down to talk to the family, we suddenly found out it might not be the grandfather after all.
The Investigation:
ParaHaunt arrived at the house at 7:30 PM.  It was a beautiful warm spring night.  We decided just to be safe to perform our Prayer of Protection lead by Scott before entering the house.  As we entered the house, we were greeted most warmly by the mother and daughter and daughter’s fiancé.  Upon walking into the house, there was an oddity to the environment none of us could put our finger on.  It didn’t take long for Scott to suggest we do a walk through before sitting down and discussing the entire history of the haunting with the family.  There was a consensus that the master bedroom was a major hot spot within the house.  The tour ended in the basement which was beautifully finished with a TV room, stocked wet bar area and another large kid’s bedroom.  Somehow the basement felt the most calm and relaxed area of the house.  We decided to stay in the basement in the TV room to discuss the haunting.  It was here that things became clear as to what we were dealing with.  The mother seemed very distracted while talking to us about the situation.  She seemed to look in every other direction except where the ParaHaunt group was sitting.  It was a very noticeable distraction.  She seemed to be almost nervous about talking about it which showed her fear of what was there.  Then we started talking about the history of abuse and how it related to the grandfather.  Throughout her entire story, she would indicate that he was a great guy to everyone and likewise he was liked by everyone.  She never went public with her allegations because she didn’t want to hurt him.  It was around this time that ParaHaunt started hearing more and more clues about what type of haunting we were dealing with.   The mother was getting up every morning for many years around 3 AM.  They talked about the father getting pushed onto the table.  The mother talked about how her father’s face would physically change from a happy look to an evil look once he came into the house.  We heard about certain smells that would occur out of no where.  There were motion sensors in cupboards from holiday toys which would go off at all hours of the day and night.  There were episodes when they would be watching TV and then the mother would say evil things to everyone and not remember it later.  We also heard that other family members had a history of doing the same thing.  We were told of a story which occurred just after the father had passed away.  His wife, the mother’s mother, became very mean after her husband’s death.  It was described as an almost unnatural anger which befell her.  On two separate occasions the grandmother and mother would tell the daughter’s fiancé that he was the devil and that they hoped he would die and leave the family alone.  The grandmother told the daughter to “Go ahead and die.  We don’t want you here”.  One time the daughter was having a panic attack when the grandmother and mother stood by laughing at her.  We started to wonder if her father was evil by nature or if he was the victim of a demonic possession himself.  They showed us a metal face plate made by the father that was in the likeness of Satan himself with a beard, horns and open mouth as to be screaming.  As it was becoming more clear what situation was occurring, Jeff and Scott started looking at each other as if to say “you know what we are dealing with, don’t you?  Jeff then interrupted the meeting and asked all members of ParaHaunt to follow him outside to start unloading the equipment.  He really wanted to get everyone out of the house to discuss with them that this was no ordinary evil entity.   We had in fact stumbled across a Demonic Entity which had attached itself to the family perhaps over 100 years in the past.  On the way outside, Scott asked if he could touch the mother’s forehead.  He said to Jeff outside that her possession was not complete as of yet.  

      We realized that sooner or later the entire group should be exposed to a demonic haunting, not just Scott and Jeff who usually handle these types by themselves for ParaHaunt.  The situation became entirely more serious than just a normal spiritual cleansing as we first had though.  Scott and Jeff conducted a short question and answer session with the rest of the group as to what might happen once we start.  Once we did, there was no turning back.  We intensely reminded everyone to remain calm if something did in fact occur.  Jeff reminded everyone to keep their sense of humor and that we have each other.  Scott indicated that it might be a good idea if Jeff made sure that he stood between him and the mother at all times, just in case the demon physically attacked him or anyone in the group.  Sean started to unload the equipment and everyone helped bring it into the house.  Pam and Sean started using the EMF Meters with 2 special motion alarm sensors as well as a digital voice recorder.  They approached the bedroom where we suspected most of the activity.  Scott and Jeff watched the kitchen area from the infrared camera and monitor set up in the kitchen.  Scott also walked around the inside and outside of the house taking digital pictures of the house.  The only readings given off by the EMF Meter was around the door area for the bedroom.  Sean and Pam felt warm sensations as well in the same area.  Sean claimed to have a warm sensation as well in the basement bedroom.  After a while, Jeff and Sean took the infrared camera and the motion sensors into the master bedroom.  There were a few orbs floating around but some many of them were flashing this brilliant bright flash as they traveled.  We’ve never seen such activity with ‘Flashers’ before.  Some of them didn’t move with the other orbs in any sort of pattern.  They wound be entering the room through the window, fall to the bed, rise to move around the headboard of the bed and then fly off view of the camera.  Jeff detected no air currents in the room, window closed and the vent covered.  

      Scott indicated it was time to perform a blessing in each room in order to bless the house.  Scott had the holy water while Jeff had the crucifix.  The mother and daughter as well held crucifixes as well.   Sean and Pam held a digital voice recorder.  Scott indicated that if anything was really going to happen, it would be at this point.  We started in the basement first.  Everything was calm.  We proceeded up the stairs and prayed over each room saving the master bedroom for last.  As we walked down the hallway towards the bedrooms, Jeff opened the front door a crack to allow the entity an avenue to leave.  No visible or auditable evidence was recorded until we came to the master bedroom.   As Scott began to sprinkle the holy water and say his prayer over the room, the mother started shaking.  Everyone in the room noticed the temperature starting to rise.  Scott’s face started to turn red.  Scott repeated his prayer over the room.  At this point, the shaking from the mother started to turn into convulsions while she stood by the door.  Jeff, being closest to her, walked over to her and placed his left hand on her right arm to hold her up.   She was shaking to the point of falling back into the wall behind her.  Scott’s prayers became louder and louder.  Suddenly, Scott said in a loud voice: “I will perform an exorcism if I have to”!  It was then that the mother suddenly made a loud sound of relaxation, a loud exhale of breath.  She stood upright and didn’t need Jeff’s assistance anymore.  Her shaking had stopped and she seemed fine at this point.   Upon seeing this, Scott said his final prayer of Thanksgiving.  Later that night, it was noted by everyone that the room suddenly became cooler and less heavy after the final blessing in the bedroom.  We walked out of the bedroom and into the foyer area.  Scott resumed sprinkling the holy water and saying the prayers.  No other visible or auditory evidence was recorded.  Scott and Jeff went outside to sprinkle holy water on the outside porch and walk way including the front door.    As we talked about what happened in the master bedroom, it was noted that the mother did not remember what happened to her during the prayers which Scott was saying.  We reminded everyone that the house was now blessed and that there would be no further need to fear living there.  Jeff then asked if he could take the metal evil looking face plate with him in order to dispose of it.  Scott and Jeff poured holy water on it and said a few prayers before laying it in a waist bucket many miles away from the house.  We packed up our equipment and left for home.
The Results:
In spite of our feelings throughout the house, the most intense feeling came from the master bedroom.  No EVP was recorded during the investigation.  Many orbs were found moving in intelligent directions.  Some of the most brilliant flasher orbs were detected by the infrared video cameras.  ParaHaunt kept in contact with the family for weeks after the visit.  As of today, all the occurrences have stopped.  Family members have noticed an improved atmosphere within the house.  The mother has noticed that she has been sleeping through the night, something not done for many years.  The noises have stopped.  The many outbursts of the mother and daughter saying horrible things they cannot remember have stopped as well.  All is calm within the walls of the home.    
End of Report.
Report Submitted by:
Lead Investigator/Public Relations
The Client's Comments after Investigation:
   "My mom and I had been close all my life. She was my own personal angel. Around the age of 12 I found that my mom was keeping a deep dark secret. My grandfather had a sick obsession with her and had tormented her with his obsession until his death. He died in ’93 and my life had never been the same. My beautiful mother was rapidly turning into something dark and evil, along with my grandma. The house that I grew up in and had all my beautiful memories in was turning into our own personal hell. 13 years and a million horrific experiences later I joined a catholic class called RCIA so I could finish my Catholic sacraments. That’s where I met Jeff. The very last day of class we sat down and discussed my problems, he immediately got me in touch with Scott and the next day I was telling my story to the group and setting up a date for them to come and check it out. They came, identified the entity and cleansed it out. We all felt this demonic spirit along with my mother becoming possessed at the cleansing. ParaHaunt saved me and my entire family. We all owe these men and women our lives and the lives of our future generations. They were not only precise, assertive, knowledgeable, and down right beautiful human beings but they truly care about people and about being REAL about what they do. I want to say to anyone who is reading this, I believe in these people with everything I am and my family feels the same way. They are not fake, after your finances or untrustworthy in any way. Thank you ParaHaunt, we love you and will always owe you our lives."