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The investigation of a haunting in Belleville Michigan

109 Year old Belleville House

Parahaunt Belleville Farm house Investigation April 6th 2002


On April 6th Parahaunt did an investigation in a 109 year old farm house. ParaHaunt Members that were able to attend were: Scott , Rob, Roni, Scorpiona ( the original contact for the investigation) Becky, Erica, Maria , and as guests of Parahaunt , Robin and Stacy. ( Hoping Robin and Stacy become regular members of Parahaunt) Before getting into the report I want to take a second to thank everyone who participated , and also to thank the owner of the home for allowing us to post this story as well as the pics on our page.

While the paranormal activity witnessed in the home was mild the owner of the home thought it would be interesting to see what we could come up with because of the age of the home , and the fact that not only did people pass in the home but the parlor was used at one time to lay family members out for viewing before burial. Upon entering the home I felt the presence of an older male spirit. ( Wearing denim coveralls and a dirty white T-shirt , which was confirmed by Maria later during the circle) Before unpacking the equipment as with standard procedure , I asked for the group to do a walk through of the home. While not to much was felt on the main floor , at the top of the stairs leading to the second floor, several members of Parahaunt felt a constant cold draft and or spot . ( also on the second floor Becky mentioned the air was difficult to breath , and Maria upon entering one of the Bedrooms found it difficult to enter the room. I went to retrieve the EMF meter and Thermo-scan . I asked Becky and Erica to douse , and confirm with the EMF. The rods crossed at the far end of the room and a slight reaction was seen on the EMF meter. It was thought by the group that this bed room was some sort of safe haven for this spirit. ( I did take several temp readings with an average temp of 73 throughout the upstairs.) In the corner where the rods crossed a cold spot was found with the Thermo-scan . ( 67 degrees ) A cold spot at the top of the stairs was recorded at 69 degrees.

Once we were finished upstairs we went outside the home to walk the property and take a few pictures from outside the home. Several shots were taken and we think that in a couple of the shots there is a bit of activity in some of the upstairs windows. We finished outside , and decided we would try a circle in the dining room of the house. (Rob and Marlene a.k.a. Scorpiona did not join the circle) While in the circle no EVPs were obtained , however we were able to feel the presence of a few different entities. These entities include , an older male dressed in coveralls , and a young female child. (Parahaunt was able to see specific details concerning these entities , however until we have some sort of confirmation , we are choosing not to disclose this information.)

More info will be added when and if it becomes available to Parahaunt. Once again I want to thank the owner of the home for having us out... and to say your home is beautiful. ( Would love the Opportunity to see the house when the renovations are finished)