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Please click the picture to read the story of the Bath Tragedy

Bath, Michigan

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Arrival to park: 10:40pm

I knew we were coming close to the locale of the 1927 Bath School tragedy as we passed the intersection before the schools. The feeling inside me was very intense, tight and almost suffocating. At the same time, I was excited not only to ghost hunt at such a place but to comfort what children were left behind and that have been forced to make this land their home for the past 75 years.

As I stepped out of my Jeep that was parked off the road in front of the Bath Memorial Park, I felt immediate sadness, depression, angst and a chilling sensation swept over my body. The air was cool, clear and very crisp.

Erica and I gathered two 35mm cameras, my night vision camcorder and our dowsing rods and headed up the old schools walk, past the cupola. We stopped right in the middle of the green grass where the Bath School once stood. It was such an overwhelming feeling. As Erica walked around with the dowsing rods, I tried to sense something a little more specific then the feeling of agony and sadness. As I followed Erica with a 35mm camera, I felt the warmth of a small child, shy, holding and leaning up against my right leg. It wasnt a feeling of pressure or anything physical, but it was definitely warmth, and the feeling stopped about mid-thigh. As Erica dowsed she described what she felt on her leg as a child poking at her from behind, and then a tingling sensation occurred where she felt the poking. It happened only in the grassy area where the school once stood.

Toward the front left area of where the school once stood, the dowsing rods pulled tightly to an "X" in Ericas hands. As I held the rods, they pulled to the right, leading me to walk in a small circle. Just to the northwest of the cupola, the rods pulled to an "X." As fellow ghost hunters approached and asked us some questions, the rods quickly uncrossed. We headed to the bench by the cupola to take some notes and pick up my camcorder that was left recording on the ground near the benches.

We were then told that back in the small brush is a stranded ghost of a little boy named Stanley. Some action was taken by someone who claimed to be a psychic and has made it impossible for Stanley to move on through the White Light. He tends to hide in the brush and behind one of the two large pine trees in the same area. As I headed back to the brush and pine trees, Erica went to retrieve the EMF Meter.

I stooped in front of the brush, calling out Stanleys name. At first he seemed shy and I sensed him toward the back of the brush. I could picture him bending and peeking at me through the branches of "his" pine tree. Erica then came with the EMF meter, and I continued talking out loud to Stanley. I told him that we were not there to harm or scare him, but we were doing research. We could help him if he wanted our help, and that we would be back in his pine trees until he let us know he didnt want us there or it was time for us to leave.

I then placed my pad of paper, pen and my camcorder on the ground to continue taping as Erica and I dowsed, used the EMF Meter and took some pictures, constantly talking to Stanley the entire time we were investigating by the brush. The rods moved simultaneously to the left, right and straight until they crossed. At that time, Erica brought the EMF Meter over to where the rods crossed, and surprisingly the EMF Meter stayed at a strong 4. The Meter was moved higher and lower to the ground, and if moved higher than about 4 feet, the reading would move down to a 1 or maybe a 2. We used this method to track down Stanleys movements.

During this time, the exterior light on my video camera turned off without any visible hands touching the buttons. One of our 35mm cameras would sometimes refuse to take pictures. Donna came back to the brush for a few minutes and when she tried taking pictures of Stanley, she also had camera malfunctions. At one point, her camera sounded and moved as if someone took a picture, but it wasnt Donna who pushed the button. There is also a "ball of light" that can be seen moving very quickly around a tree and the brush. It rapidly moves off the screen to the right.

When Erica and I were alone by Stanley once again, we decided to both sit quietly in front of the pine tree and watch what type of readings the EMF Meter detected on its own. It flashed between 2 and 4. At one time, we both heard footsteps walking up to us from behind and when we both turned expecting to see Scott or another Parahaunt member, no one was visible. We heard tree branches and twigs snapping as if someone was walking through the brush. At one moment, a 2 foot tall weed was seen bending over completely, and then snapping back up to its original position. For a split second to the far left of the trees, I saw an outline of child with dark pants and dark hair. All other details were obscure.

After taking a break, we asked Scott to walk back to the brush with us and after telling how Stanley is supposedly stranded by the trees, Scott tried talking to Stanley and releasing him to the Light. A possible EVP was recorded on Scotts digital recorder. The time is now approximately 12pm, midnight. From what I heard of the two times listening to the recording, it sounded as if someone was crumbling paper or rubbing something on the microphone of the recorder. It also could pass as someone sobbing very close and loud into the microphone. As for the motor/explosion or rumbling noise, it has not been decided upon a car or that of an explosion that occurred 75 years ago.

After walking back up front with Scott to meet up with Rob, Donna and a few other members of Parahaunt, Donna felt as if a small child was holding her hand. Donna had this feeling throughout the night. Erica filmed Donna with inferred vision but nothing visible is seen. While leaving the site, I felt a little guilty and sad that I had to leave so many children that were lost in their world behind me. I also felt somewhat content because I do believe that a few children did listen to us telling them to go to the White Light. It makes me happy to think that they are back with their families and no more alone in a completely different world.

It is very evident that there is a lot of energy left from the children that perished from Kehoes madness. I consider most of the energies to be physical ghosts due to the fact that they made contact with us. A few members felt the children clinging to our legs, and Donna felt the little child holding her hand. I do hope that some day all of the children will move on to find their loved ones on the other side so they are no longer trapped on the land where they last laughed, took in a breath of air and studied their textbooks.

Left Property: 6/16/02

Approximately: 12:30am



Pictures from Parahaunts Bath Hunt