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Story written by Client...

     Investigation reports are normally written by one of ParaHaunts members however when our client asked if she could write this one , I agreed. Please sit back , and relax as you take in this chilling account in our clients own words.


     My story begins about 5 years ago and the end is still to be found believe it or not.  My son woke one morning saying he had seen a shadowy figure with fangs claws and red eyes.  At the time we didn't believe him due to the fact he had emotional problems.  I started seeing him about 3 years ago myself always just a shadow with a hump on his back.  One of my other kids saw a little girl about 8 years old about the same time.  She used to love to pet the cats and the dog.  We got used to them being here.  The little girl would love to watch me play on the computer and play games like hiding things and then putting them back later on.  We never thought too much about it and just said oh well we live in a haunted house, no big deal.  There was nothing evil about them and they never hurt us so we just let it be.  We never even considered having them removed because they didn't hurt anything.  Maybe if we had what happened 7 months ago wouldn't have ever occured. Oh before I get to what happened let me tell you something important.  What started the entire mess was us remodeling our older home, we have found out that the process of changing the house is what brought the ghosts out in the first place.
7 months ago everything changed and for the worst. It was the day after Halloween if you can believe that one. That was the first time the demon made himself known to us.  Yes, our home had been invaded by a demon.  It took me a lot of work and research and questions to find out just what it was that entered our home.  It was evil and it hurt us and enjoyed it too.  It would make my bedroom boiling hot or freezing cold depending on its mood.  It would turn the hot water up in the shower and scald me and then beat me with the shampoo bottles.  It got so bad I was afraid to bathe, a very disgusting idea to say the least.  I am getting ahead of myself let me tell you about the demon.  He stands about 5 feet in height has horns, a tail, spikes coming out of his face and gives off steam when he appears to us.  I got to see his face up close a few days before Scott and his wonderful crew came out and forced him from my home.  He spent 7 months terrorizing my family. He tried to take me over and even had me believing I needed to be exorcised.  I even went as far as going to a Priest and asking for help, big mistake he thought I was nuts. He tried to take one of my kids over a couple times. He even wanted him to kill us about a week before Scott came.  He would turn on things with no electricity running to them. He could control what music my son listened to on his computer even could turn it up and down depending on his mood.  His favorite pastime was making me miserable.  It got so bad I couldn't even come upstairs at night without someone being with me.  I had to give up my bedroom because it was the room he had taken over and myself and my family were forced to sleep in one room for protection.  It got so bad we even tried to flee going to motels or staying with one of my other kids but to no avail. He would follow us and continue with this torment of me.  We have found out that the demon may have come from an abandoned house that was next to ours and was torn down last October.  He came here because I had a piece of plaster from the demolished home in my bedroom ceiling, the doorway that allowed him to enter our home.  Scott had to close it for me with a blessing.
I spent those 7 months trying to find a way to make the demon leave.  There are not too many people who want to fight with a demon as I found out through my search.  I did find one group willing to come to the house and their "investigation" was a joke.  They stayed less than an hour and never even bothered to tell us if they found anything.  They had made promises they would help me get the demon out with a blessing, they lied to me, they did nothing.  I went so far as going to SciFi and onto the site for Ghosthunters.  We were and are a great fan of that show and much of what we saw on that show we had ourselves experienced such as the bed moving, voices, noises we couldn't explain, footsteps on the stairs, orbs that kind of thing.  They had a site there for messages and I left my story there to see if anyone had any ideas what to do about the demon.  I was put in contact with their demonologist and he helped me or tried to by attempting to find someone in my home state to help me.  There are no groups in my state willing to take on a demon.  He told me that the only way to remove the demon was with a blessing done by a member of the Clergy.  I started contacting Clergymen and I found 2 willing to come and do the blessing but when the time came they backed out only making matters worse.  I would go from a high point when I would find these people and then a low one when they backed out with no reason except they no longer felt they could help me.  I was put in contact with a person in Ireland who was a demonologist like Scott is and he had me try blacklights.  He told me they would drive the demon out, he wouldn't be able to stand the uv they give off, he was wrong.  He also had us start using Omega 3 vitamins because he said it would decrease the anger in the house and the demon lives off anger and fear.  He also had me start taking iron saying the iron in my blood would make the demon leave me alone, all these things were wrong.  The omega-3 is good it helps the heart and the iron is good for me but not for the reasons he gave.  We did as he asked and at first we thought it might have worked, wrong.  There were always spells when we would think he had left and we would feel relieved but he would return just when we thought things would be better.  He did this several times over the next 7 months part of his torment of me.  I never gave up looking for a way to make him leave and by accident about a month ago I found Scott and his wonderful crew that is when everything changed and finally for the good.
I emailed Scott about my problems and he was very quick to respond the next morning in fact.  He spent a great deal of time on the phone with me helping come to grips with the fact our house had been invaded by a demon and he promised to make him leave.  Scott is an ordained Minister, a demonologist and a very busy man but still took the time to talk to me and keep me going until they could get here and do the blessing.  He was never put out even when I would tell to go to hell basically because he couldn't come fast enough for me.  I guess after 7 months I was very impatient for this mess to end but he came as fast as he could.
His crew came this past Tuesday and did a blessing and drove the demon out of my home.  Scott also told me that the demon had held 7 spirits captive in my home, they also were set free.  The little girl is still here but Scott has told me she will leave in the next week or so and then my house will be spirit free at last.  Now let me tell you about blessings.  They came in with holy water and sage and the belief they could make the demon leave with God's help.  That is the key to everything the belief in God.  I have a great deal of belief it is all I have had to keep me going these many months but not enough to drive out a demon.  They used this belief and the goodness that God gives to make my house unbareable for a demon and he was forced to flee.  Scott was able to tell he was in the house as soon as he entered but he wasn't afraid he had goodness on his side and that made the demon go. His crew were willing to fight a demon knowing full well that the demon could attack any of them but they came here and fought for me because they believed I shouldn't have to live in terror and fear any longer.  I cannot say enough good things about these people because they ended my pain and torment when no one was willing to.  They came a long distance to do this and not wanting money for doing so, just enough to put in the gas tank to get home, very fair indeed.  I found places that would want as much as $500.00 to do what they did for free.  Not all of us are rich so money can be hard to come by and the fact that these people want to bleed you dry doesn't help any.
The aftermath is what I am dealing with now.  The demon may be gone but he left me feeling sick, tired and believe it or not lonely.  He was a big part of my life, a constant companion for 7 months and that is hard to let go of.  It is true he would make my life miserable but at the same time he was here and kept me company.  I am slowly coming to grips with the new feelings of loss.  Scott has told me it like losing a family member and he is right and I am only going to get better with time.  Scott is still here for me and he cares about how I am doing and talks to me and makes me feel better about these feelings.  If you are in need of help let Scott and this wonderful crew take care of you.  He will make it better and he won't give up until it is done and you are safe.
One final thing, there are ghosts and demons in this world.  Don't ever let anyone tell you differently and don't think you are going nuts like I did at first.  Find help.  Don't give up until it ends and never accept the situation as we did it will only get worse in the end.  I was very lucky and I believe that God answered my prayers when he lead me to this site by accident a month ago and he gave me the answers to my prayers with the men and women who are part of this group.  Let them help you and find peace.