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Hello, i found your web site through Politically Incorrect radio's website and thought i would share some stuff with you.
In South Lyon on 8 mile road, 4 house east of Rushton road there is Green Oak cemetary( I believe thats the name)
We used to live in the house next door on the west side of the cemetary.
From April of 2004 until, august of 2005. I myself have personally seen one ghostly type image, A female,possibly early to mid 20's hard to see the face. wearing a white dress akin to something out of somewhere in time, with a wide brim white frilly hat( the style that match that type of clothing). once was in the cemetary standing near a grave site. the other time was walking from the site towards the road.
1 appearance was april 2004 approximately the second week.
the second was september of 2004.
the other ghost i seen was in october of 2004 in the house west of the cemetary, i was sitting down to eat dinner in the living room, and seen something out of the corner of my eye. i looked and it appeared the image stepped back down the hallway. i spoke out load to the image and stated either sit down and talk to me or leave.
I also believe there are possessing spirits of some form in that area due to the fact that we moved there and our youngest daughter went on a 18 month downward spiral, we had the police out to the house on more then one oocassion due to violence,drugs, running away, etc...
WE moved away and within 2 weeks she was completely turned around. ( i do understand that sometimes taking someone out of a certain element can alter their behavior, but i must also tell you my daughter is a natural empath)
I have honestly seen ghosts before this, my grandfather, my grnadmother whom i never met. some others through the years.
in july of 2005 a woman showed up to the house one day and spoke with the daughter who was acting possessed, she explained that during the time she lived here, her 5-6 yr old son had died in the house( i believe choked on something), and her nephew had died in the driveway when a car he was working on the jack collapsed. he was 19.
the woman acted strangely and nervous approching the house, pulled in and out of the drive 2-3 times before coming up. talked and looked around nervously, and left.
also in febuary of 2004 i was driving on south bound us 23 apporoaching the m 14 exit and seen a bright shiny cylindrical shped object in the sky. ( it was overcast that day grey skys, no sun) i was moving along just fine but the brightness caught my attention, i watched in disappear in what i can only describe as a ripple in the sky, akin to dropping a pebble in calm water) the ripple extended out about 4-5 ringlets and stopped, the object was gone.
just some of my experiences to share but the cemetary on 8 mile has had a deep history of ghosts, my wife researched the area and found out alot of the folks buried there some from as far as the very early 1800's had died of tramatic causes, flu, plague, war, etc...
thanks for your time and for listening, i hope it gives you knew areas to discover.
Douglas King