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This report is dedicated to Robert ...Just a little guy who was taken home before he had a chance at life...

Click to see and hear evidence from this investigation....


ParaHaunts Researchers :
( A special thanks to ParaHaunts Researchers without their help this case may not have been brought to a close )
Tasha             Rebecca
Lisa                Amy

Investigators Present:             Equipment Used :

Scott                          Sue                  EMF Meter

Amy                           John               Digital Cameras

Tom                           Mary                Digital Voice Recorders

Heather                      Tammy          No Contact Infra-Red Thermometer

                                                         Infra-Red Video Cam

                                                          DVD Recorder



     Late July ParaHaunt was contacted by a friend from face book. It seems that an old school mate of hers was suffering a haunting , and was in need of the help of an experienced Paranormal Team. As soon as I received the contact information I called Heather ParaHaunts main contact for new clients. I asked her if she could do an interview for me and she agreed  .  Upon receiving the interview from Heather I saw red flags immediately . Among their concerns was Poltergeist activity that they had been experiencing. Rick had seen a glass slide under its own power across the counter top. Then a short time later a loaf of bread flew from the top of the Fridge to a spot on the floor about 10 feet away.  


The Rest of this report will be posted after our seminar season..!!!
Join us for one of our seminars and hear the story in person..!!!  We would love to see you there.....

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