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Investigators preasent :

Scott        Crystal

Chris        Tom   




Equipment Used for this Investigation :
Kodak 7MP Digital camera          Olympus Digital Voice Recorder
DVR                                            Infra - Red Security Cameras
No contact Thermometer             EMF Meter

Ghostly face apears in this window


Groan maybe...


These are EVP's that were collected durring our investigation. We welcome any comments you may have , and do appreciate your input.

     Early December 2010 Parahaunt was contacted by a lady named Alice , she was worried about her neice Greta who had been house sitting for her grandparents.  Alice told me in a short interview on the phone that her neice had experienced some things in the home and that she was concerned for her safety.  While sleeping in a certain bedroom of the home , Greta experienced dreams of being drug through the house on several occasions , and awoke with unexplained scratches all over her.  In one of her dreams she recalls that she was thrown into the bed between her grand parents , to have her grandfather speak in a language she did not understand , this ended the dream and she awoke.
      Because Parahaunt deals with hauntings of the most severe kind , we accepted this case and made plans to do an investigation. We arrived to the house around 5:45 pm and imediatley unpacked the equipment. Once unpacked we asked for a tour of the home. Nothing seemed out of the norm , except one very interesting fact... This being an older home not to far from the water , in the basement was an entrance to what was once a tunnel used to run liquor from Canada durring Prohibition. We went to work setting up Infra-Red cameras thinking the entrance to this Tunnel could prove to be very active. While Emily positioned the Security cams , Crystal took pictures , and I asked Tom to scan the house with an EMF meter. Nothing out of the norm was found durring Toms Scan , so he went to work helping me to set up the monitor , and DVR for the Infra-Red security cameras.  Durring the set up time both Emily and Crystal were pushed by an unseen force.
      Once the cams were in position , and everything was set up we turned off the lights. I was a bit disapointed as the camera trained on the Tunnel in the basement didnt yeild anything , not even an orb. However in the bathroom upstairs while watching the monitor we saw two black orb shaped anomolies moving about . This was followed by an energy orb that moved across the screen . ( an energy orb (flashing) is very common in demonic haunts ) Once we were satisfied we had seen enough I asked for the lights to be turned back on , and we went about packing up the equipment.
     I asked Tom to light a Charcoal tab while I prepared the incense to be used durring the cleansing process.  We went through the entire home cleansing each room finally ending up outside on the enclosed porch. The only thing that happened durring the cleansing was that I was touched on the elbow in the bathroom where we earlier saw the black orbs.
     Since our cleansing , the home is quiet , and the dreams have subsided. We will remain in contact with this client  to be sure it remains clean , and free from evil...
Please take a look at the picture I have posted above , and listen to the EVP's , I would love to see you feed back...

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