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Copula, an actual part of the school left behind as a monument to this terrible tragedy

Can you see any faces on the plaque or stone behind the plaque?

Clip taken from the video I got at the front of the park in Bath

Couple orbs in this picture taken at Bath

ParaHaunt has done two trips to Bath , one of them being a day trip. While both trips were very interesting as well as exciting , they were also filled with a certain saddness for those that lost their lives in this tragedy. We did pay a visit to the cemetery where some of the children are layed to rest. Look for pics from the cemetery at a later date as we will continue to post new material as it becomes available.

These pics were taken durring a day trip to Bath on Sep 7, 2002

If you look closely you will see an orb just above his watch...

Looks to be a bit of ecto mist in the background....