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     On August 12th 2002, Rob and I met with a couple of people that had an interest in joining ParaHaunt. ( You will see them on the Meet Parahaunt Page ) We had intended on going to a cemetery called Tyler  in Belleville Michigan. We ended up going to one called Oak Wood , which is located in Huron Twp. After speaking with Rob , we both agree that we did well choosing this cemetery. This cemetery is so active , we saw not one , but two full bodied apparitions . ( Not on film but with our eyes) The first one was seen by Mindy and myself  (Scott) at the same time.It was that of a larger male dressed in white. It only materalized for a couple seconds but long enough to be sure of what we were seeing. Mindy was using a pair of ParaHaunt douseing rods which crossed backwards pointing at her durring the appearance of this apparition. One strange thing we noticed , although we had an EMF meter on the whole time that we were in the cemetery , we never got a reading on it. Shortly after the apperance of the apparition we left for home. ParaHaunt will be revisiting this cemetery , so please look for updates to this one hopefully in the next couple weeks. 

If this a floating face or just another orb pic , either way we would love to hear from you ..