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Hello Scott,
     My name is Steve .  My wife Kim happens to be a friend of Donna's .  The reason I am writting you is concerning the Buck Hills Inn (see for fear episode info).  In the fall of 2000, Kim and I went on a little "Ghost Hunting Tour" of our own.  Armed with a little ambition, a full tank of gas and a copy of "The National Directory of Haunted Places" by Dennis Hauk we set our sights on eastern Pennsylvania.  The focal point of our tour was thought to be a two night stay in New Hope Pennsylvania.  We had booked the allegedly haunted room # 6 at the historic Logan Inn for Friday and Saturday night.  Our journey departed home at 7 am Thursday morning.  We had one night to kill..............................................................
As I drove and Kim read (it makes her car sick) we made it to eastern Pennsylvania.  At this point we made the decision to travel off of  interstate 80 en route to a place called the Buck Hills Inn.  What we were looking for was a small inn type bar/restaurante.  What we found was truly awesome!
We arrived in the general area where the inn was supposed to be located but could not find it.  We then stopped at a local diner to seek directions,  They looked at me a little ---------------------weird like and proceded to give me directions.  We still couldn't find the place.  We then stopped at the local gas station and received directions again.  We still had trouble finding the place.  As we were driving around it started to get dark.  While traveling into what seemed to be a very old and exclusive neighborhood something breathtaking stood to the cars right.  It looked like a run-down fortress.  Enormous!!!  I though that it looked a 100 year old hospital or administration building.  Whatever it was it was beautiful (if you like that sort of thing) and very spooky.  But this place definately was not open for business.  It was getting darker, and we still didn't know if we had found our inn. 
We then drove through the neighborhood and around to the other side of the fortress.  This side was even better than the previous.  There was much more detail and structure here.  But it still looked abandoned.  As we drove past the building another car was driving our way from the oppisite direction.  They stopped to talk to us.  They said that they looking for a haunted house.  This was promising.  I said that we were looking for a house that was supposed to be haunted!  We looked at each other for a second.  They then pulled out a flier advertising a $10 dollar admission haunted house at the Buck Hills Inn.  I showed them my book with the same place as actually being haunted.  This fortress had to be the place.
At that time some workers began arriving.  Yes, this was a hokey haunted house for profit.  We decided to pay the money and enter the place.  So did the other couple.  There names were Jesse and Sabrina (they're from Jersey).  There was a woman in the waiting area of the house that explained the history behind this massive five floor, three hundred room hotel.  And yes, she did tell us about some prior hauntings.  We were told of a few murders, suicides, and mysterious deaths that had taken place over the years.  The place was built around 1900 and had been vacant since 1990.  It was once a very exclusive resort and conference center.  The current owner hoped to bring it back to all of it's splendor and was putting on the haunted house as a way of generating a little money.  After paying our money the four of us went in.  There were people running around trying to scare us.  They sucked!  There were no special effects either.  But the place was awesome.  It was huge and had an unsettling feeling all of it's own.  We were all on edge.  The route that they tried to keep us on just wouldn't do though.  As we arrived at the exit the girls left and Jesse and myself decided to double back.  We went past some barricades and through some closed doors to very remote places in the hotel.  Lucky we had a flashlight because the place was pitch black.  This was one of the most frightening experiences of my life.  We walked around for about forty minutes without incident and finally exited.  We met up with the girls, went to dinner, and got a couple of rooms at a local flee-bag motel.
The next morning came and we all went to breakfast.  At this time we decided to get another look at the hotel.  We arrived at Buck Hill Inn at 10 am.  We took lots of pictures of the outside and then found a poorly secured entrance door.  We were the only ones here.  I convinced the rest of my party to go inside with me.  Even though it was the middle of the day, there was still the feeling that something else was there.  There was this constant typewriter like sound in the background although the place was empty.  We toured the hotel for about an hour and one half.  We took lots of pictures and left with some room keys and old brochures.  We gained access to all floor and the basement.  All floors except for the securely locked third floor.  This is the supposed floor in which all hell did and dose break loose.
As we left the hotel we exchanged phone numbers with the couple from Jersey and told them our  next stop was a two night stay in New Hope, Pa. at the Logan Inn.  We were staying in Haunted room number 6.  They lived only a half hour from there.  We said our goodbyes and were on our way.
Three hours later we arrived at our hotel.  The Logan is the oldest operating inn in the U.S.  It is located on the Delaware River and once played host to the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  The Logan had  16 rooms at about $120.00 a shot.  When we got to our room after ckecking in I decided to take a shower while Kim laid on the bed for a cat nap.  While I was in the shower Kim swears that she was woke up by someone sitting down on the end of the bed!!  We both got ready and then went to dinner.  After dinner and window shopping in this quaint little town we arrived back at our room around 8 pm.  Shortly thereafter the telephone rang.  It scared the crap out of me.  Who could be calling?  It was the front desk telling me that Jesse and Sabrina were here to see us. 
I went to the lobby and brought them to our room.  They had something to show us, (pictures).  They had their pictures developed and had something very interesting.  We looked at all of their pictures and immediately picked out the one very interesting photo.  It had a glowing light reflecting in a window.  They then showed us an enlarged version of that picture.  You could see it better.  They then showed us two larger ones.  The image was the distinct, upside down glowing face of a women.  As I type this to you now I'm stilll getting goose bumps.  Seeing it then was very chilling.  Jesse and Sabrina left shortly after.  Kim and I finished our vacation.
Two weeks later we had our film developed.  Kim and Sabrina had been taking pictures together with two different cameras.  Sabrinas' camera was a disposable, Kims' was a $400 Cannon.  They had taken pictures of the same hotel room at different times. Kim had a flash with her camera, Sabrina didn't.  Although the room was much brighter in Kims' picture, that same glowing, upside down face was also in our picture.
Scott, If you are interested we'll show you our pictures.  If you like them you can than post our story and pictures on your site if you like.  Also Kim and I would like to meet with your group in the future.


Can you see the face in the window?