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Parahaunt was asked to help with a haunting in Northern Michigan in a private residence , through an E-mail sent to us by L.I.F.E. ( Living In Fear Ends )

Investigator: Scott Hattis ( leader of Parahaunt )
Assisted by: Sherl Hattis , Chris Meekins , Rebecca Hattis
Location: Just outside of Onaway ( close to Macinac )
Date of investigation : Oct 5th , 2002

     We arrived at the house at 9:50pm and got through the introductions.  With this out of the way I did a walk through including the upstairs (where the bedrooms are located) and the basement.  While upstairs I noticed a couple of the rooms did not have light bulbs.  This is because of the frequent burning out of the light bulbs.  After the walk through I took several pictures with my digital camera in which faces and other anomalies are present.  Before going any further I want to take a moment to say thank you to my wife Sherl.  Without her love and support Parahaunt would not be possible.  During the investigation an EMF meter was used producing no results.  Also temperature readings were taken throughout the home.  The only abnormality found was in the bedroom where most of the activity had been centered.  In this room there was no temperature variance from floor to ceiling.  (all other rooms in the home had a one to three degree temperature variance).  Parahaunt also used a security camera with new infra-red technology concentrating on the upstairs of the home where most of the activity was reported.  What we saw was actually quite incredible.  Orbs and ghost lights appearing at will and racing accross the screen.  After taping a bit in each room including the attic, I decided to pack up the equipment and preform a cleansing.  One thing I wanted to mention is during the investigation, upon entering the bedroom where the activity seemed to center there was a definate difference from the hall to the bedroom.  Inside the room the air had a thickness to it and was very hard to breath.  I have been in contact with the family since the cleansing, all has been quiet with a different feeling to the home.  I will post updates to this one as they become available.

One of the outside pics I took at the house. There apears to be a face in this one can you spot it?

Notice the ecto and the face in the upstairs window....