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Our Initial Walk Through

On July 21st, 2003, team members from Parahaunt met with Ron Devos, owner of the Cadieux Café, to discuss what Ron and his staff at the bar, have seen, heard, and/or experienced.  The team members present at the walk through were Scott Hattis, Jerry and Donna Vimr, and Keith Norton.  We all met at the café approximately 8:00 pm, ate dinner, and proceeded to interview Ron as to what he had documented over the last few months. Conditions just prior to the preliminary walk though were as follows, the temperature outside was 75°F, humidity was 71%, and barometric pressure was 29.68 inches and rising.  Approximately one hour prior to the walk through, there were strong storms in area.  The wind data is as follows: Wind direction was NNE, wind speed was up to 20 MPH, and conditions were gusty. Solar condition was active on the solar flares, and unsettled for geomagnetic fields.  The moon was in the last quarter, with a new moon expected on July 28th, 2003. 
We started off the interview by asking what Ron and his employees have experienced.  Ron has been keeping a journal of all the different stuff that has been happening.   Within the pages of this journal are several different stories of apparitions, objects moving when no one was near, and the employees accounts of the different activity. Accounts included at least three different employees who have seen the apparition of a lady, (on several occasions), in a flowery dress appear in various locations around the bar, and is occasionally seen seated at the same table. This apparition is believed to be Yvonne Devos (Rons Mother and former owner of the Cadieux Café).  On several occasions, the apparition of a gentleman is seen coming from the area of the front door and he is said to walk pass the jukebox, and then disappear.  It is believed to be the apparition of a former patron who tragically was hit by a vehicle, and died in front of the bar. Interestingly no one recalls this event happening prior to the tragic accident. On one occasion Ron himself and another employee witnessed a beer pitcher fly off the bar and land on the floor several feet away.  Some patrons while bowling witnessed another account in the bowling alley.  The patrons witnessed a glass fly off a table and land onto the lane several feet away, and no one was near the table at the time.  On several occasions, Ron has heard and/or seen the hot water running full tilt.  On one occasion as Ron passed the mens room in the seating area, he heard the hot water running, entered the rest room, saw the sink basin full of water, and moved towards the sink to shut the water off, at which point, the water turned off by itself.  On a few occasions in the basement, employees have witnessed the apparition of a man in the corner wearing a Fedora hat, as they have been leaving the walk-in cooler.  This apparition is also to be believed to be Robert Devos (Rons Father and former owner of the Cadieux Café).  There have also been two different occasions that Ron has witnessed the door to the bowling alley open.  Ron mentioned that both times the door opened it did so slowly and cautiously, as to not hit the bench located behind the door, just inside the bowling alley.  Ron also mentioned that no one was near the door, and no one had entered the bar, that could have caused a vacuum, that would have made the door appear to have opened by itself.  During the interview, we asked Ron about how long the activity has been going on, and he said that the different activity has been occurring for about 10-15 years now.
 The actual date of construction of the building is unknown, according to Ron.  Ron said that he has investigated it, and has not found anything indicating when the building was originally constructed.  The building itself has been a speak-easy during the days of prohibition, a bakery, and a general store, which was located near the rear of the building.  The only renovation that has been done to the building is in the area of the feather bowling alley, which was enclosed in 1937.  As far as Ron knows, nothing has been renovated since that date.  The bar has been owned by the Devos family since 1960, and is now run by Ron Devos.  The bar is filled with old sports memorabilia, and in at least two different locations, there are photos of Robert and Yvonne Devos.  During the interview we asked Ron if any deaths had occurred in the building that he knew of, and he said that his grandfather Alfred had passed away in the building, cause of death was attributed to old age.
 After the interview, Ron gave us a tour of the bar, and showed us the different areas the activity has occurred.  During this initial walk-through, we took EMF readings, as well as temperature and humidity readings.   In the bowling alley, we got high readings in the southeastern corner of the alley.  We also got high readings along the eastern wall, just above the cobblestone portion of the floor.  Several different readings were taken for temperature and humidity around the bowling alley. The average temperature in the bowling alley was 73.8°F, and the average humidity was 67.6%.  We next proceeded to the basement and took readings.  The only area of the basement that we got a high reading on the EMF meter was near the southern wall, behind the walk-in cooler, just in front of the beer chute.  The average temperature in the basement was 82.7°F, and the average humidity was 55.6%.  From the basement, we headed to the kitchen, and took readings.  In the kitchen, we didnt get any abnormal EMF readings, and the temperature was 84.6°F, and the humidity was 56%.  In back of the kitchen is a hallway that leads to several different rooms.  In the hallway, on the right, is the laundry room/storage room.  It is just outside this room that employees have witnessed the apparition of the lady in the flowery dress walk by and head down the hallway only to disappear.  In this area, just outside the office door is where we got the highest EMF readings.  Average temperature in the hallway and rooms seemed to be around 84.4°F; the average humidity was around 54%.  The first doorway on the left in the hallway leads into the employee restroom, and this is one of the restrooms where the hot water has been witnessed running when no one is around.  From this back hallway, we went back out to the main seating area of the bar, and walked around gathering readings.  Several different areas of the seating area were walked but no real high readings on the EMF meter were obtained during this walk through.  The average temperature in the seating area was 78.1°F and the average humidity was 56%. 
 We ended the walk-through in the seating area and we set up the time and date for the investigation.  We agreed to show up after the bar closed at 2:00am on July 31st, and spend the night.  We thanked Ron for his time, his information, and headed home. The initial walk-through concluded at 10:10 pm EDT on July 21st, 2003.   


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