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A Look into the Haunting of Sherry's Home
           ( Report written By Sherry )

I am able to write this from the prospective as a Parahaunt member and as an homeowner who was having her family home investigated.  As a member it was interesting to learn more about what goes on during a real investigation run by experienced,caring people. As the homeowner I was able to get a real good idea about what was going on in our home.  My family moved into the house 8 years ago.  We at that time thought there was something we could not explain.  I started leaving a taperecorder going while we were gone in different areas of the house to see if I could capture anything on tape.  The answer to that came in the ways of chairs being move across the wooden floor, a chair being thrown and at the end of the tape was the very distinct sound of a heart-beat.  I did alot of childcare and I had the three children(ages 2,3&4) coming to me on a regular basis to tell me of a little girl they called Lillie and an old woman in a green Sparkly dress who scared them.  Lollie never scared the children.  She just wanted them to play with her.  There were loud crashing noises in the night which could not be explained.  I would get up and check around the house and never found anything out of place. There were strongs odors which also could not be explained.  Most of this still happening today.  I would be sound asleep and be woken up in the night to something pulling my hair at the roots.  My husband would have work at getting the grip on my hair to let go.  I have woken up in the A.M. to bruises (were perfect finerprints) on the back of my leg.  I would also wake up to deep scratches across the back of both legs.  Perfectly straight across from each other on the legs. 
              My best-friend and I heard about this paranormal group giving a talk at the Chelsea Library so we made sure we could go and listen to what they had to say.  From then on I knew that no one in this group thought that any of this was a joke or some kind of a prank.  I was able to talk to Scott Hattis that night and I was put to ease right away.  Now, as a parahaunt member in my own home I was able to see the orbs and a face in an upstairs window.  It was good for me to see this as I knew then I was not crazy.  I had our team come in an investigate because I had to know the truth about our house.  There is a whole lot more that goes into an investigation than most people can even believe.  I was greatful that I was a member of this group and then as a houseowner to know that we can have our house cleansed and it will all be okay.  That my hair will not be pulled anymore nor will have those kinds of bruises or scratches.  I was also able to catch some kindof growl from our basement.  It has been a wonderful and learning experience from sides of the coin.  If there is anyone out there who thinks they may be hearing things or seeing things I can tell you, you weren't alone and don't have to be anymore.  This group can re-assure you of that.  I can only tell you what a gift this group is.         
     (Parahaunt member and a homeowner)