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Story submitted by Andrea H.

In 1996 I lived in a home built in 1890 located in Clarksville Michigan. I had experiences there like I've never had before. From the moment I stepped inside, I knew this house was different. I lived there with two others, they were Grand Rapids firefighters. They worked 24 hrs on and 24 hours off. Their shifts were rotated so they were rarely home at the same time. I on the other hand, was there almost every night.

Many things happened while living there. I would often hear the sound of a train at night but was told there were none in the vicinity. I awoke one night, when I happened to be staying there alone to the sound of a scratchy melody. After doing some research, I now know that to be the sound of music played on a victrolla. That same night (about 2 am) after being awoken by that music, I sat up in my bed and it then stopped. Next, I heard what sounded like a toy spinning to a stop on the floor above me. My cat looked straight up at the ceiling also. I knew there wasn't anyone else in the home and there was nothing in that room, not even on the ceiling.

At this point, I was very alarmed but wasn't sure what was going on. Then I'll never forget hearing the creaking of someone coming down the stairs. This was unmistakable and my cat actually followed the sounds of those steps since these steps were right next to my room. I jumped out of bed and ran into the kitchen to call my father. I was terrified but I knew that there wasn't anyone in the house except for me and my cat. I left that night and stayed at my fathers.

Later on, I got a dog and my other roommate did too. My dog would growl at nothing in the middle of the night. He would growl and follow something that was in the room that we couldn't see. My other roommate's dog started acting very aggressive after only living there a few months. One day, he ran straight off an upstairs balcony that was being restored. His injuries were so severe that he had to be put down.

Another incident occurred after I found a stray kitten. I had it in the home for a few weeks until I found it a home. After it had been gone a couple days, my roommate asked me if I had found a home for it yet. I told him it had been gone for two days. He said that wasn't right since it was still crawling into bed with him at night and cuddling with him. He thought I was kidding about it not having been there so I had to call the girl I gave it to for proof.

After I and one of the other roommates moved out, I found out that the remaining roommate (who owned the home) had a frightening experience of his own. He told me that on that New Year's Eve before midnight, he arrived at the house since he was tired and didn't feel like going out. He fell asleep on the couch until he was awoken by the sound of people having a party upstairs. He knew he was home alone but this was so vivid that he grabbed his shotgun and inspected the upstairs. No one was there, so he went outside to investigate and no one was there, even his neighbors weren't home. Apparently, this was a very upsetting experience for him.

I've covered the major incidents that happened in this home but there were many more. It was a very active place to say the least and I'm sure it still is.