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Submitted by Aubrey

 My family and I live in Illinois in a house that
was built in the 1920's. Not long after we moved in my
husband heard a child crying and figured it was one of
ours and ignored it. When he told me about it I told
him that I had been gone all day long. A few months
after that I was in my basement and heard a 'MOMMY' I
replied. "hang on a second baby mommy will be right
there" I came upstairs and all my kids were fast
asleep. Then another time I went to bed and was
watching tv still awake and I felt somthing come over
me I was paralyzed I couldnt move speak or anything.
it lasted what seemed like an hour after it passed I
ran downstairs and told my husband he thinks I am
nutty. I know what I felt and that I was awake. Since
that incident I haven't had anymore but still feel
uneasy in my bedroom in the dark. It seems to be in
one particular corner.