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Submitted by Aubrey

Another experience involves my son.  My grandfather
died at home and my grandma still lives in the house.
Ever since I was a little girl I have felt 'uneasy' in
her house everywhere but the new addition and her
bedroom.  When I got older and found out my grandpa
died there I kinda thought maybe I was feeling his
presence.  Well when my son was about 2 he was walking
from the kitchen into the new addition and when he got
to the laundry room, which is where my grandfather
died, he screamed.  The most awful bloodcurdling
scream I have ever heard.  To this day I have never
again heard him make a sound like that. It gives me
chills to think about it.  While he was too young to
tell me what he saw I think he maybe saw my
grandfather.  He still won't go in that room with out
a light on.  How do I tell him who is 4 now that it is
just his grandpa and get him to understand? 
  Well thanks for listening if you got this far and I
really look forward to talking you you all some more.