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Submitted by Jeff ( ParaHaunt's Lead investigator )

To Contact Jeff

I bought the house back in June of 1997.  It was built in 1955 by a man and
wife who lived in the house until 1995 when the husband, Mr. Adas, died
from a heart attack.  He was at the dinning room table and fell between
that room and the living room.  Mrs Adas, not being able to live there
anymore, put Styrofoam on the windows and moved to Texas.  The home was the
focal point for all their holiday dinners, parties and other family events.
The house stood vacant for a year and 1/2 before I purchased it as my first
home.  Not even a 1/2 hour after the closing, I took my camera and video
camera to the house to take "before and after" shots of the inside and
outside of the house......I wanted to fix the place up, not that it was in
bad shape at all.  The camera I used was a regular disposable camera bought
at the local store.  The video camera is a high quality broadcast camera
purchased from a local college professor of Radio/Television.  I have a
Bachelor Degree in Radio/Television Production and now teach at another
local community college (just one class for extra money).  Anyway, I still
have the video camera and it still works great......but not on that day
when I bought the house.  To start off, the first roll of film I took with
the disposable camera got lost by the local developer.  The second roll
came out except for the dinning room and living room shots.  On the third
roll of film, those two rooms were cut wrong by the developer, or maybe the
camera malfunctioned or something.  I have these pictures.  The fourth roll
had orbs with shadows moving in the corner of the room.  As far as the
video camera, I took footage of every closet, corner, upstairs, downstairs,
etc...  I took footage of the basement lastly.  As I was talking, showing
my furnace and other amenities of the basement, there was a very loud bang
that was so loud, it stopped me in mid sentence...and can be clearly heard
on the video.  I turned off the camera and quickly searched the house
because I thought someone was in there with me.  I found the house still
Styrofoam up and all doors and windows closed and locked.  I went back
downstairs to resume video recording.  About 5 seconds into the recording,
I am saying "Well, I don't know what that sound was is my
furnace..." and continued as before.  Suddenly, my viewfinder became a
blank picture...sometimes showing 'noise'.  I kept video taping because I
thought that the camera was malfunctioning or something.  It lasted for
about 5-7 seconds and then everything was ok again.  When I played the tape
back, there was still a picture.  The Time and Date indicators were showing
and flashing different dates and times.  There was some static shown on the
picture.  It seemed that the internal indicator views were going haywire.
I started asking questions about the house and found out about Mr. Adas's
death.  In the upcoming year, I started to renovate the house.  Lamps would
shake, fans would vibrate violently on low speeds, footsteps going
upstairs, me waking up at 6 AM every morning even when I usually get up
around 7:30 AM, lights on the walls, lights turning on and then not being
able to turn on, light bulbs flickering or surging, etc.....   One night,
around 10 PM, I was watching TV and lit a small tin tea candle in a small
glass globe.  There was very little wax so I figured it would be out in 1/2
hour.  At 10:30PM, it was still burning.  I decided to take it to bed with
me.  I set it on a hard oak table next to the bed.  1/2 hour later, I heard
a knock that woke me.  I was not facing the candle.  I opened my eyes but
thought it was nothing so I closed my eyes.  Suddenly, there were two
distinct knocks, both faster and louder.  I opened my eyes and turned
around only to find that the candle's flame was higher than is should have
been.  It started to burn a paper O-ring on the bottom of the tea light.  I
blew it out and thought to myself that John was protecting his house still.
I would call my dad many times during the day and night telling him about
what was going on.  He always would calm me down.  There are so many
examples of people feeling like they were being touched or tapped on the
shoulder while passing the dinning room on the way to the restroom.....and
not knowing the history of the house.  At one of my parties, the women, not
knowing the history of the house, refused to use the bathroom with the door
shut due to someone being absolutely sure that someone had grabbed her
shoulder on the way to the bathroom.
Come to find out, Mrs Adas was a friend of an Aunt of mine in Texas.  I
never talked to Mrs Adas, but my dad told my aunt to tell her about what
was happening.  I heard that she thought it was very interesting, in a good
way.  I never talked to her myself.  One day, about a year and 1/2 after I
moved in, Mrs. Adas passed away as well.  I was out of town, but my
neighbors called me and told me there was a hearse and procession parked in
front of the house for a short time.  It was Mrs. Adas's wish to have the
funeral procession pass the house on the way to the cemetery, because the
house was such a focal point of the family's life.  On that day, 3 years
later, we've only had maybe one or 2 events that we couldn't explain.  One
time late at night, my wife was doing laundry.  There was a light on the
wall, like someone shining a flashlight in the window.  She came in yelling
for me to find out who it was.  There was a 4 inch snow fall that day so I
figured I could find at least some footprints.  I could not find any
anywhere around the house.  I jumped my neighbor's fence and still didn't
find anything.  What she saw was a manifestation glowing across the room.
None of the light bulbs I have mentioned in my house have been changed.
The video camera is still is perfect working order.  Most everything is
back to normal.   We feel that Mrs. Adas came to pick up her husband and
cross over together.  I show the pictures and video every Halloween at my
annual party.     My wife, parents and neighbors can all attest to what
they personally know about what has been going on.  Unfortunately, it is
not happening anymore.  The pictures and video are all I have left of the