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The Haunting


Investigators Present :
Scott , Jeff
April , Pam,

On January 12, 2006 we visited this home.  Upon pulling in the driveway, I felt a sense of apprehension. The large ancient red-brick-farm house loomed from the road.  We all commented on what a beautiful house this truely is.
We were greeted graciously by the homewoners and their children.  I could feel a presence as we entered the home and especially in the "fireplace room".  The homeowner commented that an Ouija board had been used in this room.  The living room made me feel as though it was comfortable and cozy.  However upon entering the basement through the cellar doors it felt like something was waiting behind the door.  My dowsing rods spun freely in the area just behind the door.  We waited and hoped for activity there.  However, there was a space under the floor that sounded hollow.  Upon investigation, we did see signs of burrowing by small animals. This could explain that hollow sound, Jeff said. 
In the kitchen, we sat up our infrared equipment and several impressive orbs are noted.  Upstairs was difficult to pick up any orbs as our camera wasn't responding with any clarity.  While carrying in the equipment, Scott noticed not once but twice that his dome light had been turned on in his car.  Someone had turned the light on the first time, and the second time one of the back doors was ajar.
During the circle, I felt a strong presence of a male named Robert.  This intity was not happy with the current owners.  Possibly a previous homeowner?  Scott picked up on the presence of an Albert.  So we knew we were closely on track!  Scott felt that he was wearing a camel-colored dress hat nostalgic of the forties.  Scott stated that there was also the presence of two young girls there.  One possibly named Sarah. One was very beautiful with long, soft light brown or dark blonde hair.  She wore a blue bow in her hair and was very proud of the lace around her blue gingham dress.  The second little girl has very short hair and was wearing "boy pants".  She couldn't change her clothes as this was the outfit she was wearing when the "accident happened".  She was less eager to come forward.
Upon opening the white light, we all noticed a definate and quite deliberate "block"  from some entity.  We felt that no one wanted to leave their current plane of existence.  While praying, the homeowner seemed apprehensive and edgy.  She commented after prayer that the back of her neck was burning.  Scott felt this was connected to one of the entities.  During the circle, the ifrared camera moved and the cord made a clanging sound.  The camera seemed to aim then, at the homeowner.
We left and discussed our findings.  We will go back Monday to cleanse the house from any evil that may be present.  More to come....
We returned Monday January 16, 2006.  Parahaunt members present were Scott and April. 
It was a quite interesting trip to Maybee in all the snow, but eventually, we made it.  As we pulled in you could feel the resistance coming from the home.  It knew we were there.  April felt very weak entering the home.  As we began the cleansing and Scott prayed for protection.  We later discovered the sound of a bell on the digital sound recorder upon playback.  The homeowner commented that she never heard her clock chime all the way upstairs.  Scott commented that this was confirmation that the Lord was there to help.  We cleansed each room upstairs, uneventfully.  As we went down stairs the air was heavy and thick.  We knew it was hiding in the laundry room.  Scott says this was its "safe haven".  As April entered the room she felt a choking sensation and was extremely weak.  Scott felt it best that she wait in another part of the house.  She went to the dining room.  The homeowner propped open the side door to le it out per Scott's instruction. 
As he entered into the laudry room, April noticed a terrible smell of spoiled milk, or baby sick.  It waved through the dining room profusely strong. 
All of a sudden, there was a rush of air with the smell and the house seemed to change smells immediately.  We could then smell new carpet and paint, like we should've from the beginning.
Several pictures were impressive as well as the sound files that were obtained... We will return for the new circle, and will report on that shortly

January 25, 2006 we returned to perform a circle at this house.    Scott sensed the presence of a man, Robert.  And, two little girls.  Sarah and Bridget.  As before mentioned, Sarah was wearing a dress with lace on it and Bridget was in ‘boy pants’.  Scott felt that Bridget was ready to see her mother on the other side.  However, Sarah wanted to stay in the home with the family. 
As we presented the white light, we felt that Bridget ran to her Mother, calling “Mommy!”  The gentleman Robert was not so ready to go home.  He felt that there was something that needed to be rectified first.  He had not had a proper burial or funeral.  He had a heart attack on the property that had lasted for hours and he suffered terribly.  Sadly enough, we felt he didn’t have a proper burial.  Scott felt he had just been “tossed into a hole.”  He also felt that he was buried on the property.   We must go back to locate the grave with dowsing rods and give Robert a proper funeral.
An EVP is noted on the sound file that seems to say SARAH. 
Pam also picked up that there was some tragedy that occurred on the property involving ‘dirt’.  Robert’s improper burial, perhaps? 
We felt that Bridget made it safely home on the other side with her mother.  We will be returning to the home to try to mark the grave with dowsing rods and will have a “funeral”, if you will, for Robert.  So that he can rest peacefully and properly.