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Please read along as ParaHaunt  prepares , investigates  and cleanses this Demonic haunting .


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Background Information/History:
Whittemore is a small town near the northern Michigan peninsula with a population of less than 500 people.  Located in southwestern Iosco County, it was named after a local citizen (Frank Whittemore) and a post office was started in 1880.  In 1907, Whittemore registered as a city.
Michigan ParaHaunt was contacted by a woman who lived in Whittemore Michigan, about 4 hours from Detroit.  From what she described, the situation within her home was sounding more and more like a Demonic Haunting.  Per our procedures, we consulted Willie, ParaHaunt’s Demonologist, concerning the details.  After some discussion, the best advice we received was to trust our ‘feelings’ as we entered the home.  Being aware of the surroundings, being spiritually protected and being alert would be the best way to approach this particular haunting.  Scott then consulted ParaHaunt’s resident Psychologist  who performed the initial interview with the home owner through a phone conversation.  Based on our consultations and after some planning, we decided to proceed with the investigation.
The Moments Before:
Prior to the investigation, Scott, Hans and Becky stopped at a local establishment to discuss the plan.  Hans stepped out of the diner to fetch his digital camera from the car.  In the duration of which he was outside of the diner, no one entered or exited through the front door.  When he returned, Hans was mysteriously locked out of the diner. The owner/bartender had to take keys with him to unlock the door.  It was perplexing considering “whomever” locked the door on Hans had to manually turn the lock on the door.
The Investigation:
We arrived at the house on February 25th, Saturday evening around 4:30 PM.  Scott, Jeff, Becky and Hans were in attendance.  The house was an old small ranch style home in the middle of a very small country town.  The others were already there when Jeff arrived.  After our traditional Prayer of Protection, we entered the home.  Personally, I was expecting the traditional signs of a demonic haunting including smells, heaviness in the air, blood dripping down the walls (just kidding).  What we found was a bit calmer, at least initially.  That was to change as we progressed.  As they entered the house, it seemed that everyone’s attention was immediately drawn towards this 8X10 ancient charcoal picture of a man.  Something about this picture gave sensations to those who saw it, but we couldn’t say for sure if they were good or bad.  Everyone did an initial walk through of the house.  After stepping into the bedroom, Becky stated that the energy pull is coming from below the bedroom, and as Jeff stated, much like a vortex is opening up energy into the bedroom through the bed where the demonic entity resides most of the time in the residence.  It was decided at that point that the first order of business should be to unload our equipment.  While we were setting up in the kitchen, Scott was taking some digital still photographs.  He may have taken four or five before his camera failed and stopped working.  He discovered that somehow a brand new disk CD within the camera became corrupted.  He replaced it and continued.  Jeff, Becky and Hans, all being Sensitives, proceeded to walk around to each room gathering whatever ‘feelings’ or emotions that came to them.  Jeff walked through while recording the location with a video camera.  Scott, Becky and Hans were drawn to the master bedroom.  Orbs were captured both with digital photography as well as infrared video footage.  Becky placed her EMF detector in the middle of the bed while she and Hans stood off to the side.  With no motion in the room the EMF meter detected paranormal energy, raising slightly and immediately lowering back down to zero.  This happened twice.  When Scott used his EMF detector over the bed, he received the same results.  After a short duration of time, getting familiar with the layout, Becky used her dowsing rods while Jeff and Hans both took EMF monitors through out the rest of the house.  He had a few high readings that were later discounted due to a computer in one case and a phone cord hidden in a wall for another.  Jeff stated that he sensed a sort of energy from one of the chairs in the sitting room.  Later in the night, Becky indicated that she sensed the ghost of a female, an older lady with big dark glasses and a short, heavier stature.  Hans and Jeff located the trap door hidden in the coat closet which housed a ladder leading to a “Michigan Basement”.   They took flashlights and a digital camera.  There were a couple pictures taken in the same direction which yielded a bright white orb.  Hans crawled over to the wall to make sure it was not some sort of wall defect.  There was no explanation for the orb given that the wall was clean.  We needed darkness for our Infrared experiments to progress.  Since the sun had not yet set, we hung rugs over the windows in the bedroom where everyone had felt a presence.  We captured a few orbs moving very fast from many directions.  Scott and Jeff noticed that most of them were “Flashers” named so because of their appearance.  Scott mentioned that he had expected to see this type of variety.  It was during this time that many different experiments using the Infrared video camera were conducted.  Jeff pounded his fist on the bed spread, rugs, walls, etc, trying to produce more orb activity.  NONE were produced using this method.  After leaving the camera in the room by itself, the orbs would almost reinvestigate the area as before.  There was also motion of a small hanging tea light candle holder when no one was near it.  We noticed it swinging back and forth.  In the living area, a very bright orb in motion was caught by Becky on her digital camera.  Its location was directly next to the charcoal picture of the yet unknown man (home owner didn’t know who it was).  Scott decided it was time to perform a cleansing.  Scott took his Holy Water, Jeff had a digital voice recorder in hand, Becky held a crucifix, and Hans assisted.  Scott went from room to room, sprinkling the Holy Water on all 4 walls, ceiling, and floor while praying and demanding the evil spirits leave the home.  The air suddenly became a bit more still.  Scott was finishing up in the last bedroom down the end of the hallway while Jeff was standing in the door frame of the same room.  Becky and Hans were down the hallway in the living room.  Suddenly, while Scott said his final prayer, a ‘hissing’ was very clearly heard coming from the living room.  Jeff looked down the hallway to find that Hans had heard it was well.  Just then it happened again.  Judging from Hans’ look, he had heard it again and this time Becky joined in.  We all looked at each other as if to say “What the heck is that???”  The ‘hissing’ turned to crackling, sounding more like crumpling of paper.  We all stood still while Scott came out of the bedroom.  As I motioned over for him to listen, it stopped.  The ‘event’ lasted only 8 seconds, but prompted Scott to immediately open the outside door a bit and conduct a ‘circle of protection’ including everyone from our group and the home owner as well.  Scott said another Prayer of Protection as we continued.  By way of a well versed prayer, Scott demanded that all evil entities leave the house. During this particular prayer, the phone rang 4 times on two separate occasions.  Although the answering machine went on, no message was left.  Scott interjected that it may be trying to distract us.  It was at this point that the screen door opened a bit by itself and lightly closed (this could have been caused by the wind but due to the timing, as well as the other events happening at the exact time, it didn’t seem likely).  We think it was already on its way out during Scott’s prayer in the bedroom.  We felt as though the air was lighter afterwards.  Jeff walked down the hallway to find the same tea candle holder not swinging at that time.  We talked to the home owner for a short while, packed up our equipment, thanked her and departed for home.  Scott was visibly weakened by the event (psychic headache) and was not feeling well at all.  This feeling continued into the next day. 
The Results:
Parahaunt did get an EVP which you will see listed on this page. ( please listen with caution as it could prove to be quite frightening..) The EVP is what we believe to be the demons voice saying "phone" just before it tried to distract our ritual with the phone ringing.. If you do listen , Please let us know what you think...  We did get some amazing footage from the infrared video camera as well as knowledge gained through further experiments using infrared video cameras.  The team felt that the investigation and cleansing were successful.  Michigan ParaHaunt strikes again!  Nice Job Everyone.

Five Days Later: 
Michigan ParaHaunt’s contact person, April, called the woman whose house was investigated and cleansed by Scott, Jeff Becky and Hans.  She was very happy with the group.  Her exact words were that since our visit, everything within the house is “Peaceful” and that “ParaHaunt is a God send”.  There has been no activity since our visit.  She was there and witnessed the event which occurred during our circle in the living room.  There is no doubt in her mind that the haunting existed, and now, thanks to Michigan ParaHaunt, the haunting in no more.  Due to our experience and education, ParaHaunt deals with Demonic Hauntings such as this one.  We will not run from these, especially after seeing the people we help.  These Hauntings are not for everyone so don’t attempt researching a potential Demonic haunting yourself.  Please call or E-mail Michigan ParaHaunt.

MUST READ  Months Later, ParaHaunt recieves this testimonial from the home owner Valerie.   
"Wow...Everything is wonderful.  Nothing is going on, Zip, Ziltch, LOL....  I spent 15 years dealing with this spirit thinking there was no way to rid myself of it.  ....God led you to me.  I contacted several places out of desperation...Scott saw my posting and I thank God everyday.  I no longer lay in bed waiting in dread for the spirit to torment me by shaking my bed or moving it around.  My fear attacks have stopped.   I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am to go to bed at night ALONE.   All the rappings and Tappings have STOPPED.  My house is as it should be...inhabited by one person, ME.  I thank GOD every night for Scott and all the rest of ParaHauntYou were all definitely a God send.  My Grandson spent the night recently and for the first time ever slept in the room in the dark.  Both he and his mother had no experiences either.     My home and my life are now peaceful thanks to ParaHaunt.  Hugs and Many Many thanks!     Valerie"


Please click the word EVP to hear the EVP mentioned in our report. We suggest that you read the report before listening to this sound file...