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St. Clair County Haunting
Background Information:
ParaHaunt received a call from a relative of Jeff (ParaHaunt’s Lead Investigator).  Jeff’s Aunt Colleen, an independent Sensitive herself, had a friend who moved into this house as a rent to own situation about 4 months ago.  They were not in the house very long before things started to occur.  The family unit consists of father, mother, 3 children, 1, 9, and 13 years of age, and a happy playful little dog (beagle).  The house is a beautiful old two story Victorian looking home in St. Clair which sits not more than 3 miles from the St. Clair River.  The activity within the house consisted of banging on the walls, footsteps, toys turning on at night, and small rubber balls being tossed down the stairs.  The father and mother were waking up at the same time every morning (around 2:30 AM).  The daughter, age 9, developed an imaginary friend.  The mother would hear her talking to her and playing, but the daughter would not tell the mother who she was, only that it was her friend.  The mother of the home contacted Colleen to investigate what she ‘felt’ was happening.  Colleen had made many trips to the home and had the feeling of a little girl as well as a man haunting the home.  She couldn’t say if they were related in some way, but she saw them together at the top of the stairs on once occurrence.  As she walked up the stairs, the pair of entities would fade into a mirage.  As she stepped back one step, they seem to refocus for her to see.  The never spoke to her directly.  Colleen also felt pulled or pushed towards one of the upstairs’ bedroom.  When she arrived, there was a small door leading to the attic.  She claimed that the presence of the entities was strongest there.  She conveyed her findings to the ParaHaunt team.  After April conducted an interview with the home owner, Scott also called them as well as Colleen to discuss it further.  Colleen had claimed to have one of the entities repeatedly say something about a ‘red ball’.  The home owner indicated later that this red ball was the ball that was pushed or tossed down the stairs when no one was upstairs.  Scott felt that the fact that any entity would follow someone home, away from the house of origin, to communicate information about the haunting seemed fascinatingly disturbing.  Scott informed the team of what we were likely to face, and the investigation date was set.
The Investigation:
The investigation team consisted of Scott, Jeff, Pam, Sean and Christie (observer/intern).  As soon as we entered the house, it was agreed that no one felt anything evil or demonic (for a change).  After walking through the house and listening to other occurrences from the family, Scott and Jeff both agreed that it sounded like a typical case of Poltergeist activity.  This would explain Colleen’s sensing of a little girl as well as the noises, toys and rubber balls being played with.  Scott said that the name “Elizabeth” was coming to him.  He asked the mother to ask the daughter if her imaginary friend’s name was Elizabeth.  The daughter said no.  Then the mother started saying derivatives of the name, such as Beth, Liz, Lizzy, etc…  Suddenly the daughter said “Yes, it’s Lizzy.”  The home owner showed us the pictures they had taken of orbs inside their house.  There were many orbs with faces.  Some of the orbs were ruled out as dust. Most all of the orbs were near the ceiling and not the floor.  After walking around the house, ‘feeling’ for what else might be there, it was time to unload the equipment.    After setting up our television monitor and infrared video camera, Pam and Sean walked the house taking diagrams of each room, including wall sockets, windows, doors, etc…  They took the EMF meters searching for electromagnetic fields throughout the house as well.  There were no unusual readings until they got to the upper part of the stairs where the meter showed a medium spike.  The spike was constant and was in no direct line of any outlet or lighting fixture.  There was also a spike inside the door jam of the room leading to the attic.  Jeff went inside the attic and turned on and off a light towards the back of the room.  Although he was careful not to touch anything in the room, something no too heavy fell onto the floor as he was leaving to go down stairs.  The time came for us to use the infrared camera.  Everyone, including the family, stayed in the living room while Jeff took the camera to the kitchen first.  There were a few orbs but nothing too substantial.  The living room and family room yielded some fast moving orbs that could have been contributed to a fan blowing next to a wood burning stove.  Jeff took the infrared camera and a communication radio upstairs with the help of Sean.  The orb activity was moderate with some ‘flasher’ orbs present.  Jeff was sensing that the little girl was playing a sort of ‘hide and seek’ game with us.  Sean and Jeff decided to enter the attic again.  The attic door was ajar a few inches.  Jeff placed his hand on top of the 5 foot tall door and was about to enter when a little girl’s voice came over the radio saying “Don’t go in there”.  Jeff paused a few seconds and then used the radio to call Scott asking if that was one of the kids downstairs.  Scott indicated that his radio ‘keyed’ but that no voice came across.  Later, other ParaHaunt members recalled the same incident where no one was near the radio when it ‘keyed’.  Sean and Jeff both agreed that they clearly heard a little girl’s voice speak very clearly those words.  Jeff asked over the radio if anybody could hear him, hoping that another neighborhood child was playing on the radio.  No one answered.  The timing of the event was very precise and there was no indication over the radio that they were preceding into the attic.  Scott wanted to see the effect of having one of the children sit in the room to see if orb activity increased.  The 13 year old boy sat in the room and as predicted the orb activity increased dramatically.  We decided to perform a ‘Circle’ in hopes to discover who was there, make contact with them, and send them home by way of the White Light. The entire team participated along with the mother of the house, Colleen and her husband Paul.   A vanilla candle was lit, the lights were turned off, and everyone held hands.  Scott did a prayer of protection to start things off.  After a while of relaxation, Scott went around the table asking if anyone was picking up on anything.  Pam felt tension and pressure in her chest area and said that she was thinking that someone died of a heart or lung ailment.  Jeff mentioned his right side feeling cold and something having to do with the right side of his face, naming the ear.  Scott confirmed that an entity of a 7 year old girl was standing between Jeff and Christie.  Scott was picking up that she died around 4 months ago and that the funeral home was very close.  Christie indicated that there was a funeral home 3 blocks down the road (not the way we drove in).  Scott also felt the presence of a large Italian looking man.  As Scott described what he looked like, the mother of the house became visibly shaken and started crying.  She indicated that Scott was describing her father who passed away from a heart attack just before she was born.  It was his third heart attack.  The girl entity was drawn to the home because she was attracted to the happy family unit, but she was ready to move on.  The man didn’t want to reveal too much of himself to Scott.  He felt that the entity wanted to be there for some reason.  It was learned that the family’s newborn was named after the mother’s deceased father.  Scott theorized that if the entity was her father, maybe he had crossed over already but came back to see the child.  The entire group concentrated on the White Light and sent home the little girl to the waiting arms of her grandmother who took her by the hand.  Scott concluded the circle.  *** ParaHaunt talked to the parents and indicated that their child may not see her imaginary friend again and that the house should be calmer.   We plan on doing a follow up sometime in the near future, and perhaps a cleansing.
The Results:
So far, the house is clean and without activity.  The young daughter has not made mention of her imaginary friend.
  *** Jeff indicated privately to Scott some thoughts he had, not recorded here, during the end of the circle that may come into play at a later date.  This was noted incase of further need to go back sooner than planned.
Written by:

Two months after this investigation, Scott and Jeff drove all the way back to St. Clair just to visit the homeowner.  They arrived around 8 PM.  She indicated that the voices and other activity were still occurring.  About an hour AFTER THEY HAD LEFT, all her glassware and plates located on the top shelf of her cupboards in the kitchen suddenly and without warning flew out of the cupboard and smashed on the floor.  The cupboard was in tact and sound.  Nothing could have caused the movement or vibration at that time since her road was blocked off due to repaving the road as well as the time of night.  The EVENT occurred late at night well after any trucks or any vehicle was working.   The homeowner called her girlfriend (Jeff's Aunt) the following morning to report what had happened. 

ParaHaunt may plan to return in the future but the homeowner is not 'warm' to "shaking things up" any further.   We are trying to change her mind.

St. Clair EVP

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