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Chris currently lives in the "Burlington Manor" house, which story is presented under "True Ghost Stories" on the ParaHaunt main web page.  She is a prime example of a ParaHaunt  'intern working her way up the ladder' within the Core Membership of the group.   She has earned the title of EVP Specialist / Investigator and does a fantastic job at both.
She is the accounting department for an insurance company in Troy Michigan.  After becoming Valedictorian from her local high school, she moved onto Oakland University where she graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Accounting in 2003.  Both her father and mother are also in the accounting industry as well.  She enjoys traveling, theatre, music, yoga, rabbits, long walks on the beach, and men who aren't afraid to cry (the last two being thrown in for fun). 
Chris has inherited the ability to retain seemingly useless facts (not to mention useful facts) from her father.  This has proven very useful during investigations and hunts.  Chris has been focused on EMF Meter operations as well as becoming an EVP Specialist.  Because of this, as well as having a very logical approach to paranormal investigations, she has become quite a valuable member of the ParaHaunt team.