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Contact Salina


Salina is a practicing Solitary Witch who joined ParaHaunt’s team back in early 2005.  Having earned her Associates Degree in Automotive Design, she currently works as a quality engineer in the automotive industry.   
Salina grew up in Sterling Heights (a suburb of Detroit) but moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, but is hoping to return to Michigan someday.  Keeping her company are her 2 cats, Tye and Caimille, and her dog Gavin.  As a child, Salina had been able see colors/auras be it from holding an object or looking at a person.  Her gift has grown since having been nurtured by ParaHaunt.  Participation in the group not only gave her much needed encouragement, but was also her turning point as to learning as much as possible about her craft as well as her gifts. 
Originally Methodist (studied Pentecostal) she started studying various pagan spiritual practices and cultures, not just Wiccan, but Shawman and Druid.  She holds the gift of Empathy but will fall short of calling herself a true ‘Sensitive’ although ParaHaunt members would argue this point.  She also has a divination with tarot cards and Oracles and can give 'over the phone' readings when asked.   She brings a very dynamic element to the ParaHaunt team that truly makes us complete. 
Among her other talents, she writes poetry, sings karaoke, and loves artistic modeling, as she has had some demand in this field as well.  She is a valuable member of the ParaHaunt team.