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Contact Pam


Pam is currently ParaHaunt’s initial contact person, interviewer and researcher for investigations.  She is also an Investigator and ‘Sensitive’ for the team.  Pam is very willing to learn all aspects of paranormal investigating including developing her ‘Sensitive’ skills and learning how to use all of ParaHaunt’s scientific equipment.  Because of being the first person to contact someone who asks for our help, her empathetic, caring and concerned approach makes all of our clients believe that help has indeed finally arrived. 

When not chasing ghosts, she is the mother of Christy, one of  ParaHaunt's loyal fans, and grandmother to Christy’s two daughters (Brittney Ann and Kaylea Ann).  What paranormal investigator is complete without owning a black cat as a pet.  Pam's particular pet was adopted many years ago and is appropriately named ‘Magick’.   
Pam also enjoys scrapbooking, different crafts, making quilts, gardening, traveling, and 50’s music.   Pam will be ghost hunting with ParaHaunt as long as humanly possible and is considered a valuable member of the team.