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May 22 2001 , Chris and I went to a home in Romeo Michigan to conduct a Parahaunt investigation. The home owners have given their kind permission for me to post all pictures from their investigation. When I was contacted to do their investigation , it was because the residents of the home had seen the apparition of an old woman . When seen she was walking into the bedroom of one of the children.
Upon entering the home after the introductions were over , I asked if it would be ok to walk around the house and take a few pictures. ( They agreed ) While in the kitchen of the home I got a picture of an orb in one of the windows. ( At this point I felt it was probably that of the old woman the family had seen upstairs in the Hall) During my walk through I did get a few different orb pictures. I asked if it would be ok to take a few pictures of the home from the outside. In one of the bedroom windows there appeared to be the apparition of a child. Again while taking pictures of the outside of the home I got several orb pictures. After I finished outside I asked the owner of the home if they would be interested in doing a circle. After hearing the explanation of what a circle was and what I had hoped the results would be , they were anxious to start. Before the start of the circle I asked for permission to say a prayer for protection. ( I ask for permission , so I would not offend anyone participating.If they had objected I would have still said a silent prayer because it is my faith in the protection that keeps me safe while leading a circle) During the circle I felt the presence of three different entities. The first one was that of an older woman. ( This being the spirit of the apparition the family had seen ) I described to the family in as much detail as I could , what she looked like. The home owner who had been my contact for this investigation mentioned that I was correct in what I was seeing including things he had never mentioned to me previous to our meeting. At this point I kept hearing the words "Why do they call me Mary , my name is Sarah" . I tried to ignore it however she became very insistent. I decided to mention this to the family. I was then informed that they had had a friend out to the house who had psychic abilities. This friend had told them that the old woman they had been seeing was named Mary. I asked if the name Sarah meant anything to anyone... They had a list of property owners from when the house was first built. While looking at the list I noticed that the second owner of the homes name was Sarah. Since Sarah meant no harm they were content to have her stay. The second entity was that of an adult male. There are many reasons for a spirit to stay behind one of which being , the person was afraid of judgment at the time of passing. This entity seems to fit that category. During the circle I sensed and it was later confirmed by an EVP that his name was Robert. Since Robert didn't seem like a very pleasant sort of entity I decided to attempt to help him to cross over to where he should have gone in the first place. Much to my surprise he was very willing to cross. Once he was gone I could feel the difference right away. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make contact with the child entity. ( Possibly at a later time) Once the circle was finished we listened to the audio tape . Much to our surprise there were several EVP's. The first EVP is that of a whisper saying its her. The second was not very pleasant and I believe it to be that of Robert saying "F--- You "
The third was obtained while I was saying " I don't think Robert is a very nice person " The EVP seems to answer ... " Roberts not "
A few days after the investigation I received an E - mail from the home owners stating how peaceful things are since I was out, and that things are very quiet.


Could it be Sarah's image in the TV screen?

EVP's Recorded durring the Circle

F U Evp

Its Her... Evp

Roberts Not Evp


Picture taken from the outside rear of the home


Orb on Kitchen window


Orbs at the rear of the home


More orbs which I have circled... on the back of the home