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Attention all Paranormal Research Groups,
Ghost Hunters as well as the General Public

ParaHaunt Paranormal Researchers and Ghost Hunters, based in Michigan, is a premier research organization dedicated to prove the existence of an afterlife (entities and/or ghosts) based on scientific research and experimentation, paranormal ghost hunting at its finest, with years of experience.

Why is ParaHaunt Different?
Why are we not afraid of potential "Demonic Hauntings"?
The ParaHaunt Family is one of the only paranormal research groups who has an 'on -staff' Demonologist, Ordained Minister, Phsychologist as well as many other members familiar with both Wiccan and Catholic traditions and rituals.

ParaHaunt is also one of the only groups in the Midwest which deals with Demonic Hauntings.  We strongly advise no paranormal or ghost hunting group to ever attempt such a spiritual cleansing in any location on their own without proper training.  We would like to help with our advice or our assistance.

This page has been created to offer our expertise, experience, understanding, and most importantly our help.
We offer our help not only to other paranormal research groups and ghost hunters, but to everyone who asks for assistance.  We will travel; we will help; we will not succumb to evil forces when people are living in Fear.  No one should have to live in fear which is the first step in the progression of possession.  Please, ask for our assistance if you feel you are tormented by an angry, evil or Demonic entity.  Honestly, you have nothing to loose but your soul.  Click on the Contact ParaHaunt link below.

Known Demons Listed by Name

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