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ParaHaunts investigation of The Castaways Restaurant
                                  (Lapeer, Michigan)


Date of Investigation:  November 14, 2007

Investigators present:  Scott, Pam, Lisa, Shari, Bob and Christy

Equipment used:  Infared video camera, Kodak ( Z710 ) digital camera, RCA and Olympus digital voice recorders, Sony Handycam, non-contact digital thermometer , EMF meters , RS Thermometer/Hygrometer

       The investigation started at 10:00 p.m. with the owners first giving the group a walk through of the restaurant.  Upon entering the the office located upstairs, a cold breeze was felt by Bob, Christy and Lisa. A non contact thermometer was used in this area to look for cold or warm spots , none were located. There were no vents or windows in the area.  

      After the walk through, we went outside to shoot pictures , and it was durring this time that we got the pictures you see to the right of this story. Once back inside temp readings as well as EMF readings were taken in and around the property. ( Nothing out of the norm was detected temp or EMF wise . )  We then decided to set up the infra-red video camera. While we were setting up the infra-red and video monitor , EMF and EVP work continued upstairs. 

     Once the investigation was complete , and the info that we collected gone through , we did not find any solid evidence or any type of hard evidence to indicate a haunting  Spiritual or otherwise. It should be said , we did see some orb activity in the infra-red video , and in some of the pictures as well. . We also found an anomoly in one of the pictures posted , but it is difficult with any degree of accuracy what could have caused this...  As always , any and all comments are welcome...

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