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EMF Meter: This meter is used by Ghost Hunters and
Paranormal Investigators to detect the electro-
magnetic field given off by some, if not most,
active entities.  An EMF meter is of no use
unless the time has been taken to map out the
investigation site during an inactive time to
discover natural hot spots such as hidden wires or phone cords.

Camera:  A digital camera is the camera of choice for most ghost hunters because the results are immediate.  Most any camera will do as long as it has a flash. Some ghost pictures have been obtained without a flash but examples of those are rare.

Motion Sensor:  We find this piece of equipment kind of expensive for what it does, not to say it isn't a use tool in the tool box.  Unless you are doing an investigation in a house or building, we wouldn't recommend using this type of device.  They are good for use in a small area with a range of about 30 feet.  Keep in mind that it does as the name suggests: 'detects movement within its effective range'.

Camcorder:  The new digital camcorder is the ticket for recording paranormal activity. Still a bit pricey but very effective.

Night Vision:  Night vision is a valuable piece of equipment and a personal favorite of ParaHaunt's team.  It allows you to see in absolute darkness.

Digital or Iron Oxide Tape Voice Recorder:  Both are used to record EVP's.  We prefer the digital recorders in order to reduce 'signal to noise' ratio caused by motor noise or other tape imperfections.

2-Way Radios:  It is very important to keep in contact with your team or your base station during an investigation or hunt.  FRS radios offer an excellent way to stay in touch.

Infra-Red Security Camera:  These make an awesome addition to a ghost hunter's tool box because they allow you to watch a room without having to be in it.  The cameras we prefer are infra-red, making it possible to see anything that might be moving about within a darkened room including orbs and figures that would not be visable without this technology .

No-Contact Thermometer:  Also known as MiniTemp, these are excellent for measuring the variance in temperature that occurs with cold spots associated with most hauntings.

The Equipment listed here is some of the equipment used by ParaHaunt.  Because ParaHaunt is a cutting edge group, we are constantly adding new types of equipment as technology progresses. This page will be updated as often as possible.